Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flowers after rain - in my garden

Oriental Poppy, photograph Vivien Blackburn

We had heavy rain this morning so I thought I'd put the 10x magnifying lens on and get some images of the dripping wet flowers before they dried.

Artichoke - or is it a Cardoon ? I can't remember! but it's flowering this year :>) 3 buds. I can't wait until the flower opens. They are supposed to be the blue ones - I love that sky blue colour. It has taken 3 years for it to finally flower.

another of the Oriental Poppies that have done really well this year :>)

Foxgloves - the bees love these.

and finally the climbing Masquerade rose that flowers and flowers all summer.

It's only little but I love my garden :>)


  1. Beautiful Vivien...those drops...gorgeous1

  2. Thanks Ronelle :>) hope all is going well at Coin Perdu :>)

  3. Beautiful photos! Someone told me once, about perennials, "First year, they sleep; second year, they creep; third year, they leap." It has always seemed true for many of ours. Your cardoon sounds like it will be stunning. Hope you post a pic of it then!

  4. it's not stunning but I'm really happy that it has flowered :>) I will post a photo later. Hopefully your adage is true and next year will be stunning!