Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fishing nets and floats, Ilfracombe harbour. photograph copyright Vivien Blackburn

The colour and pattern of the nets on the harbourside caught my eye. It was a family holiday, so no chance of stopping to paint them, though I would have loved to.

Sometimes it's just the abstract pattern, shapes and colours that are interesting.

This was taken with my first digital camera - a 3mp Fuji. I wasn't sure how I'd like digital compared with film as I was used to my Olympus SLR and full control of depth of field and aperture/speed. I found myself hooked and though I haven't parted with my beloved SLR it languishes in a drawer. Since then I've upgraded to a better camera, not SLR but with a huge zoom range and higher spec with manual/auto control. I love the ability to see images immediately, to choose simply which ones to print and to sort into 'best' and the rest :>) in folders.

I've added links to the photographers I particularly like in the sidebar - do take a look.

Doisneau and Cartier Bresson I love for their underlying wit and ability to spot a 'moment'.

Stephane Compoint is a contemporary photographer - do look at his images of the building of the bridge at Millau. If you don't like heights (like me) some of the images will turn your knees to jelly with vertigo.

Bill Brandt for the superb moody lighting and composition and sense of place,

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  1. great plan and great photos so far! all my best wishes for 2010, vivien. this one's subscribed. before i signed up for the drawing course i was very serious contemplating a photography one... and it's still in my head - for my foundation year :), if they'll have me.
    i've been using the sidebar of my study blog to collect: printmakers, but also upcoming exhibitions... it's currently acting as a holding place for names and ideas and i'm enjoying it.
    all the best to you and your family!