Monday, January 4, 2010

the harbour, clovelly, devon

The harbour at Clovelly in Devon, photograph copyright Vivien Blackburn

A photograph taken a couple of years ago on a visit to the north coast of Devon.

Clovelly is an old fishing village built into a steep hillside, with a steep cobbled pathway winding down to a lovely little harbour. I was disappointed on the way there that it was misty and that we wouldn't be seeing it in sunshine - in actual fact it created a wonderful soft light and really added to the atmosphere. I like the photos with their soft subtler colours and atmosphere :>)

The harbour at Clovelly, photograph copyright Vivien Blackburn

The beach there is covered with huge rocks and these have been used to build the harbour and houses and cobble the streets.


  1. Nice abstract quality to the first image. So Cornwall!

  2. Special pleasure for me is to see the photos done by artist. That is why I started following. And I did right:-). Waiting for more of your posts.